SCBuisnessConsulting - SC Business Consulting is a financial nightmare!!!

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I have gotten to the point where I'm going to avoid all straight commission jobs for the rest of my life.

Avoid SC Business Consulting at all cost. It is a soliciting door knocking job that doesn't pay off. You will lose money here. It will dry up your savings or whatever you have left.

Brandon Kennard is the CEO of this non-real company. This company is affiliated with Cydcor. Cydcor always gets complaints from many disgruntled and mad former employees. Most people don't put in a complaint because they just consider it a loss and move on.

I'm not going to list all the red flags that went up at first but the biggest one I noticed after working there for about a week was that 99% of the entire staff had been there 1 months or less. The entire staff comprised of about 20 people. Even the person who hired me to work for Brandon quit shortly after I got hired.

I lost a ton of money in gas on this job. I put hundreds of unneeded miles on my car for a couple of weeks because I had to.

After working there for almost 3 weeks I quit and still had not gotten paid yet. Brandon Kennard told me that he would mail my check when he got it. He did. I was less than $100. I had gotten screwed out of a lot of money. Since this was a commission job it was easy for him to cover it up by saying something like some of my customers have canceled, blah blah blah....

Lastly SC Business Consulting and Cydcor solicit to sell AT&T products. WAKE UP AT&T!! DON'T LET THESE 3RD PARTY GROUPS DRAP EMPLOYEES THROUGH THE MUD TO MAKE YOU A PROFIT!!

Review about: Att U-Verse.


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This is very true.I worked there for almost 2 weeks and it was the worst mistake of my life.

They will tell you anything to get you to accept the job. They will make you think you are going to make a certain amount of money when you will NOT!

Be ready to walk door to door and try to sell AT&T services.Don't waste your time like I did trust me you will regret it

to Anonymous #797712

Yea you worked there for 2 weeks? Who were u??

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